Desktop 5X Micro-Mill CNC Machine

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About Machine:– The 5Axis CNC Machine is an ideal machine to achieve higher precision and surface finish due to its 5axis capability. The best CNC milling machines available today is 5 axis, it is a fast working, precise, micromachining powerhouse. It is used for making Jewellery products, Watches, Eye Gears, Shoe Sole, Medical Applications, and other micro-milling products. 5 axis CNC is capable of cutting the most complex and tedious designs existing in the world. It can operate much faster than 3 axis and 4 axis CNC machines and provide vertical milling with the highest precision and quality available today. It can cut materials like metals, various plastics, graphite, and hardwood with ease. This machine is an excellent fit for any team working in micro fluidics, jewellery, watch making, scientific research, mould production, or any other work that requires micro-milling of the highest precision.

Applications Sector :
1. Jewellery
2. Dental
3. Watch case
4. Medical
5. Industrial moulds & di
6. Automotive
7. Aviation & Aeronautical
8. Semiconductor