Nakashi CNC machine high-performance machining solutions, as well as production automation based on the specifications, can be used in particular to produce spinal hooks and implants, hip implants, bone plates and screws, surgical implements such as forceps and scissors, dental implants, etc

The Desktop 5X CNC Machine has the power and flexibility to simplify and manufacturing of complex medical products. By using NAK4020 CNC machine we get high accuracy, high precision, high surface finish. These products are small, with intricate detail, and a 5-axis machine saves time and money through more efficient processes and accurate production. It is use to make knee cap.

Machining of complex geometric shapes, with flawless surface finishes and high dimensional precision, are the criteria demanded by the medical industry. These parts are most commonly machined from noble materials such as titanium, cobalt-chrome, stainless steel, ceramic or plastics.