Nakashi CNC is opening new gateway for the global dental CAD-CAM industry by introducing the NAK4020 of dental Desktop 5X Micro-Mill CNC Machine which are indigenously designed and manufactured in this sector. Nakashi CNC believes in prompt performance. NAK4020 is a one stop solution for all your dental milling requirements such as crowns, bridges, copings, bars, abutments etc on materials such as zirconium oxide, PMMA, wax and glass ceramics to name a few.

We take immense pride in stating that we are the only manufacturers of 5 axis dental CNC milling machines in India. We study each order in detail to precisely meet our customers’ requirements. This enables us to not only guarantee the functions set out in the specifications, but also to fully integrate our machining centres in the production workflow.

Quality and speed of execution are key criteria in the dental sector. This is why we offer complete solutions that guarantee a highly stable production process and the flexibility required by the market